7 Ways to Prolong the Service Life of Your Double Roller Granulator

The double roller pelletizer is a popular and versatile machine in the food processing industry for breaking down raw materials such as grains, legumes, seeds, or animal feed. The service life of this machine can be prolonged by taking care of it properly. Let’s take a look at seven ways to extend the service life of your double roller granulator:

1) Don’t overload the machine.

Overloading will increase wear and tear on your double roller granulator, resulting in reduced service life. Ensure that you use appropriate feeding equipment to evenly distribute product between both rollers of the machine during operation.

2) Ensure that you operate your double roller granulator within its recommended speed range.

If you operate your dry extrusion granulating machine at speeds that are too high or too low, it will reduce the ervice life. Using the machine within its recommended speed range ensures optimal performance while also reducing wear and tear.

NOTE: Always consult your equipment manufacturer’s guidelines for specific speed recommendations.

3) Keep your equipment clean.

Proper cleaning means that you remove any product build-up (such as corn, soybeans, or grain) from the machine’s interior surfaces and exterior shell to reduce friction levels. This will prolong service life by reducing wear and tear on critical components such as bearings, gears, chains, etc. Don’t use pressure washers to clean your equipment, as pressure washers can damage the equipment. You should also remove any debris that has fallen into your machine during operation, as this can reduce its service life too.

4) Lubricate your machine as recommended by the manufacturer.

Failing to lubricate your double roller type of granules making equipment will result in increased wear and tear on moving parts. Consult your equipment’s manual for specific instructions on adequately lubricating your machine.

5) Ensure that the machine’s components are made of high-quality materials.

Using substandard or low-quality parts/components can reduce the service life of your double roller granulator, so always use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for replacement purposes. You should also only buy from reputable dealers who offer OEM parts to ensure you get good value for your money.

6) Ensure that you have the right spare parts available in case of emergencies.

You should always keep your equipment running by having replacement parts ready to use if the need arises. For example, if a belt breaks or gearbox fails on your machine during operation, then it can result in costly downtime for you, so ensure that you are prepared beforehand by stocking up on spare parts.

7) Get your machine serviced regularly.

Regular, professional servicing of your double roller press granulator can be a very cost-effective way to prolong its service life by ensuring that it remains in optimal working condition and avoids issues such as sudden breakdowns during operation. Contact your equipment dealer/service provider for a service schedule that is tailored specifically to your machine.

These are seven ways to prolong the service life of your double roller granulator. Following these tips will help ensure optimal performance and reduce wear and tear on this valuable piece of processing equipment. Remember to consult your equipment’s manual for specific instructions on properly maintaining it.

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