How To Buy A Granulator Machines For Poultry Manure Pellet Production?

Poultry farms can be such a profitable business! However, this type of enterprise comes with a series of challenges. One of the problems to pay close attention to is the huge amount of waste generated by a large number of chicken. These birds can produce impressive amounts of manure. You can use this waste to make even more profit by investing in a granulator machine for poultry manure pellet production. Once you have your machine up and running, you can either use the resulting pellets to fertilize your crops or you can sell them to other farmers near you. This article shows you where to search for such equipment and what to look for in a reliable seller.

Pan Fertilizer Granulation Equipment for Chicken Manure Pelleting

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are two different devices that can turn chicken manure into pellets: double roller granulating machines¬†and flat die granulators. Both of them work by extruding the moist manure into pellets of certain sizes. While the principle looks simple, in fact you need to use a special recipe to create the hot compost to turn into pellets, dry it and use it on your crops or sell it for profit. Either way, you have to start by deciding upon the type of machine to buy. Many farmers choose a rotary drum chicken manure pellet machine, due to its flexibility and versatility. Others prefer a disk pan pelletizer. This solution works best for smaller farms, as it has a relatively smaller processing capacity. Nevertheless, it takes less space and it has a much lower power consumption, so it can be the best choice for those who don’t need to process huge loads of chicken manure. When you compare the various options, make sure that you select the ones that best suit your specific needs. This is how you can avoid overspending.

Double Roller Powder Granulator

Next, you have to find some granulator machine manufacturers. Dare to think outside the box and extend your research to countries in Asia. You’ll be surprised to find out that China manufacturers are able to deliver top-notch equipment at much lower prices than their local counterparts. By buying your machine from one of these businesses you can save money without making any compromise on quality. Besides, many of these sellers provide their clients with video training and step by step guidance throughout the entire installation process.

Rotary Granulator for Organic Compound Fertilizer Production

In order to ensure you pick a reliable manufacturer, you have to check out the work experience, the credentials and the quality certifications of companies on your shortlist. By screening these companies right off the bat, you avoid having to deal with unreliable providers later on.

The last stage of your shopping endeavor is to ask all of these companies on your shortlist for a quote. Compare your quotes with great care, looking at all details that could make a difference to you. Your choice should be the one that best suits you, rather than the least expensive one. Post-sales services are sometimes more important than saving on your investment.

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