How Do You Choose A Quality Granulator For Your Organic Fertilizer Plant?

A quality granulator plays a key role in the organic fertilizer production process. It is a machine that granulates different materials such as wood, straw, animal manure, etc. into relative pallets. If you are into making organic fertilizer on a large scale, you should definitely invest in a quality granulator for your business.

Granulators are usually divided into two parts such as compound pellet mill and organic pellet mill. You should choose the right machine to suit your production needs and budget. This article provides information on how to choose a quality granulator for your organic fertilizer plant.

New Developed Fertilizer Granulator for Organic Fertilizer Production

The processing capacity of granulator machines is different. On the other hand, the space occupied by each machine is also different. The processing capacity in your business and space arrangement should be considered when investing in a granulator machine for your organic fertilizer business.

Dry granulation will lead to dust accumulation while wet granulation requires drying after the granulation process. The wet machine requires more energy to operate compared to the dry machine. These are some of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a quality granulator for your organic fertilizer business.
Cow Dung Pellets Made by Organic Fertilizer Granulator
The dry granulation machine is ideal for a compound fertilizer-making plant. It can also be used for some organic fertilizer manufacturing plants if the raw material moisture is below 10%. In case the moisture in your fertilizer material is higher than 10%, you should invest in a drying machine to reduce the content of moisture. On the other hand, if the fertilizer materials are too dry, you should invest in a spray system to increase the moisture content of the material.

Capacity and power are two of the most important considerations when investing in a granulation machine for your fertilizer plant. Different manufacturers will provide granulators with different capacities such as the one-ton machine with 15kw/h, 1.5-ton with 18.5kw/h, and 2-ton machine with 22kw/hour.

Pan Granulator for Large Scale Organic Fertilizer Plants

If you are concerned about the energy consumption of the machine, you should opt for the one-ton machine. The volume isn’t that large in this machine. In fact, it will ideally suit a small scale fertilizer production factory.

The most important thing is to invest in a customized granulation machine for your fertilizer factory. For example, you may have different materials to produce in the fertilizer production process. You should inform the sizes and shapes of the manufacturer so that they can provide you with different roller sheets.
Flat Die Pellet Machine for Organic Fertilizer Production Small Scale
That way you can choose the suitable roller sheet when granulating different fertilizer materials. The reputation of the manufacturer plays an important part in this regard. Make sure you invest in a quality granulator machine from a highly reputable manufacturer in the area. The manufacturer or supplier should come highly recommended by someone you trust.

If not, they should have a host of positive reviews and feedback from past clients who have used their products. The internet is a great place to start your search when shopping for a high quality granulator for your organic fertilizer plant.

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